I met the fabulous Zoe at a Fitjam event. I tried her Raunch® class... That in itself was a massive accomplishment for me. I've always suffered from a lack of confidence... About my body, my height, my looks, my hearing loss... You name it... I'll have worried about it! I came out of that class with a whole new attitude!! That goddess strutting her stuff, rolling on the floor... Feeling fabulous? That was me! I may not have been the prettiest girl in the room, I was most definitely the tallest! I wasn't the best mover... Who the hell cared? I was loving it!!! I gained an appreciation of my body that I'd been sadly missing!! I've given birth to 2 beautiful girls who make me proud of them every single day!!! I'm married (19 years!!) to a man whose face still lights up when I walk into the room and who is forever grabbing the bits I hated, with passion in his eyes!

Since Zoe's class I learned burlesque and delivered classes! I became a PT and have some lovely clients!
I'm not a super model but I'm pretty darn fine & hell yes I do say so myself!!!
I'm not always confident... We all have those days... But when I do feel good I let the world know ! XXXX

Vic Littler

I did your Sexy Street class at IFS 2015 and thought you were the sexiest woman I've EVER seen! (I'm a straight married woman btw- don't worry you've not got a nut job stalker!!)

Chloe Edwards

Just wanted to say what a fab blog - one that every woman should read! I first met you at Blackpool last year and these messages have stayed with me following the sexy street and rave fit I did. You're amazing! I constantly tell the women who I teach dance fitness to, to follow you on Facebook etc. You're an inspiration so please keep it up, the message is reaching us and can only thank you for that :)

Jo Bevan

You are top drawer Zoe!

Liz Shanks

I just got to say, this is fab. You are so kind and there for people and really helped me with your words when we spoke about my post natal depression. Thank you X.

Please continue to be fabulous

Olivia Jones

Love love love what you do Zoe, thank you so much, beautiful lady. Keep up the awesome work, you are amazing and I appreciate your awesomeness so so much.  Love your videos, the exercises and the ones where you speak to us all too, they're wonderful and I hope you'll continue X thank you

Cathryn Wood

Zoe your a star, that stretch is helping ease the pain in my shoulder. Less pain every day. Cheers. Your classes are always fab and fun xxx

Sarah Taylor

I just wanted to say a big thank you to you for your videos :) 

This last year has been a tough one for me both personally and physically with a string of mishaps and minor injuries, the most recent involving an ankle surgery I'm now recovering from. As a result my fitness levels, and in addition my self esteem, have plummeted. Here is where your Tone Tuesday videos have really helped! 

I feel too out of shape, a bit embarrassed and unsure of my abilities to go back to my gym yet. So in an attempt to get my butt off the sofa I've been doing your videos and they have made a massive difference to my sense of wellbeing. They are fun, hard work and there's a wide range to choose from depending on how you're feeling or (if you're injured like me) your ability level. They bring a little ray of sunshine into my living room and never fail to put a smile on my somewhat sweaty and beetroot-red face by the end! They are tough, but in a good way, and I know they are helping me increase fitness levels, but the main thing is that they just make me feel so much better about myself afterwards. 

Even when I'm back to the gym and my usual routine I'll definitely still do your videos...it's my aim to be able to keep up with you one of these days hahaha ;) so anyway I just wanted to say a big thank you for doing what you do and for doing it so well. You really do make a positive difference in people's lives xx

Kate Davies

Zoe, you have given me so much more confidence in the last year through your classes than I ever had (which was very little). I'm so grateful. Thank you so much. These strut videos are amazing! They definitely make me feel confident and sexy after been out of the gym for a week due to lower back pain. Thanks Zoe!!!! x

Lily Nguyen

Omg I LOVE all your videos, haven't quite tried to do the routines yet as I've not long come out of hospital, but once I'm fit and well I'm DEFO giving them a try! Love the 5 Day Strut, love getting all the Tone Tuesdays now too! Thank you beautiful lady xx

Lorraine Koryczan

An observation I wanted to share with the strutters... Tonight I was at a dance class and the teacher was obsessed with slut drops and shouting slut slut slut in time to the music. As a grown up, no, as a grown woman, I find that patronising and uncomfortable. 

I really don't understand the point! Yet with Raunch® and Strutology® we all have an amazing time and embrace our femininity and sexiness whilst smiling, laughing and building confidence. 

Our teacher's cheeky and fun but never ever vulgar - just shows you how rare it is to find amazing teachers!!!
And that we're not just women, we are Ladies!

Eve Gee

Just wanted to say that your message really struck a cord with me and the ethos that I try to convey to my clients and group participants, so thank you! Loving your work. Keep it real. I love the Secret Strut Sydicate group! Seriously, I've been getting such a positive vibe and been able to manage myself by knowing that we're "in it" with others. Thanks for setting it up. Looking forward to the Summit. Whoop!

Lindsey Abbott

Zoe you're one incredibly inspiring lady

Lesley Wallace

Love your page, so glad I discovered you Zoe, I look forward to seeing your posts and you are helping me to get my confidence back xx

Mandy Marie Streather

What you do is inspire and motivate us to get out there, give it our best shot and feel good about ourselves for doing it - however badly!!! Give us confidence, encouragement and 'permission' to try!!! There are many many instructors out there who can teach a technically sound class but very few who empower women (and men???) in the way that you do. Reminds me very much of the This Girl Can campaign!!

Cath Gillingham

You encourage us to embrace ourselves and love who we are. How? You enable us to shed our inhibitions within an environment which is non judgemental. You create this with your natural ability to embrace, encourage and maintain our trust... You are quirky, funny and curvelicious. Your demonstrations are on point, you exhibit, strength, flexibility, energy and stamina.

Den Jackson

I consider you to be inspiring, a fab role model, and a real go getter, you keep it real. You are also what I would describe as genuine, and that is a true quality that not everyone has.

Emma Case Boaks

Hi Zoe! We just have to say that we’re in awe of you.

We're still really excited about your classes from the weekend and wanted to share a video with you of the three of us (me, George & Carla) strutting our stuff on the way back to our room on Saturday night 

Thank you so much!!! You have helped us to unleash our inner divas! 

Jacqui Dixon

Just received day 1 of the 5 Day Strutology® series, OMG, totally awesome! Exercise made sexy, I'm loving it, thank you so much. X

Sizzle Summerelle

Zoe, you may not realise the difference you have made to my every day life just watching your videos inspires me to get out in the fresh air and makes me carry my head a little higher and feel good about myself and not worry so much what other people think - you are awesome 💕

Lisa Ballantyne

I've been to a few of your classes at Fitness Fiesta. I think the first one was Burlesque Balls (few years ago now). Well, I'm not graceful, I'm def not a sexy burlesque type!! The whole room was quiet and shy at the start but honestly, hand on heart... We ALL came out of that room like sexy sirens... We literally glided out!! It truly was amazing.... Dita Von Teese would've struggled to keep up with us all purring and pouting!! One of my all time favourite FF classes!! You're a great teacher. Keep it up!!

Emmie MG


Thank YOU for hosting an event on my first day out as a #BIMGA where I was able to chose to come and embrace my body as it was. Instead of where I was originally going to, Body Power which always left me feeling fat and like I had to edit my body to fit in! It was a hard weekend for me and filled with lots of tears, but every journey is different as you say and mine started with letting go of the idea that there is a 'perfect' body. Thank God there are people like Taryn, You and me and many more now in this community that are supportive in sharing this message and lifting each other up rather than putting each other down and using everything as a competition.. It doesn't matter if you have fully embraced yet, but letting go and finding neutrality is the first step. #ihaveembraced

Nicola Feustel


Zoe is amazing. Her class yesterday was so fun. She was definitely on time and we were all sweating so a good workout. This is what Gymbox should be about but sometimes you get the odd dance class which should be avoided at all costs because the instructor isn't as good. I love how Zoe uses different tracks throughout the class, which makes a change from when teachers use the one single song. Her style of dancing is unique and works really well together. She's a natural. Yes I will definitely be returning to her class. In fact, I'll cancel all plans just to go to her class!”

Anonymous Feedback from a Happy Customer