Who Is She?

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Zoe McNulty is a Top UK Dance Fitness Presenter,

Group Exercise Expert and a Body Positivity Activist.

She specialises in helping women feel good about their figures, regardless of shape or size, through fun and feisty dance concepts.



Zoe had always dreamed of being a backing dancer on Top Of The Pops but due to her being larger than a dancer "should be" and because she didn't want to be told she needed to lose weight, she avoided the commercial dance scene and the negative body image that she would undoubtedly have developed if she had decided to go down that road. However with the pressures of society she still struggled with her body through much of her adult life until she realised how much time she had wasted worrying about what others thought of her.

Zoe refers to herself as a champion of curves, and is honoured to be a Body Image Movement Global Ambassador (BIMGA).

She would love to see some changes to the Fitness Industry as she is saddened by the message which is being pushed that weight loss = health. The physical, mental, spiritual and emotional damage being done by this elitist approach simply cannot go on.

Zoe now feels more at home in theHealth At Every Size (HAES) community and is on a mission to put things back into perspective and regain some sanity and compassion within the Fitness Industry.

Her approachability, creativity, dynamic style and her fun personality, combined with a desire to help others has made her a firm favourite with class participants far and wide.