Creator of Strutology®, one of the School of Strut®'s subjects on the 'curviculum', Zoe has helped thousands of women feel fabulous in their heels!


"Strutology® is the art of "strutting one's stuff": to parade, prance, flounce or sashay; to proudly show off one's best features or talents; to move in a way that attracts attention"


It is a dance class which is taught in trainers. Once a dance routine has been learned, the high heels go on (optional), there's some strut practice (the Strut-Off) and then the routine is performed in the heels. It is designed to specifically to help women find their inner diva and to really allow themselves to be feminine and show off their assets. There are also physiological benefits to the class including increased heart rate, conditioning of the lower body and improved coordination, however the spiritual and emotional benefits are what is most notable about the class. The results are powerful!

“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world” – Marilyn Monroe.  And teach a girl how to strut and she will be unstoppable!!  Find your inner Marilyn, J-Lo or Beyoncé in this sassy dance class that will prepare you not only to wear your heels more comfortably and for longer, but will also give you confidence in abundance, you’ll be stopping traffic!


Offer your members and attendes something different, something more sensual, something more inclusive of all body shapes, something which is going to help them release their inner diva and realise how hot they already are - without having to drop a single pound of weight! 

Learn how to teach others to strut their stuff, walk tall and own that shizzle!!