The School of Strut®'s


Saturday May 20th, 2017

Jacksons Lane, Highgate, London



With 2 incredible events under her belt, Headmistress Zoe McNulty is running a third School of Strut®'s "Strut Summit™"

"Join me and other Sexy Mother Strutters for this epic day of dance and empowerment, loving of your body regardless of shape or size, loving all your curves and all your edges!!"

Zoe is a UK size 16 dance instructor and body positivity activist who believes that all women have wonderful bodies and should celebrate their womanly curves.  She will teach you how to carry yourself, how to project confidence and how to learn to love what your mamma gave ya!

There will also be a raffle with excellent prizes worth over £2000, dance entertainment and a "nice surprise"!

Feel free ree to stay afterwards and have drinks with me in the bar!! (Prosecco is only sold by the bottle... But Zoe says she will finish what you don't manage!! Xxx)

*** Tickets are non refundable ***


Classes on the day will be...

Own It!™

Sick of feeling bad about your body? Want to stick two fingers up at the media for making you feel this way? Then you need to stand your ground and “Own It!” Own your body shape; Own your strut; Own your confidence; Own your power. This sexy dance class, with easy mini-routines and nothing complicated to learn, will help you to do just this: Dance like they’re ALL watching and Own It Gurrrlfriend!!



But ladies merely glow, I hear you cry! Not always! But if we're going to get sweaty and really we should for a healthy lifestyle, then we might as well be sexy whilst doing so. SweatSexy™ is a steady paced, dance aerobic workout designed you make you feel fabulous whilst looking like a hot model from the 'Call On Me' video!



The Strut is a force; a powerful tool by which we can harness immeasurable fortitude… and feel like Dave from the Money Supermarket advert! Marilyn Monroe said “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world” but teach her to strut and she’ll conquer the universe! So grab your heels for this empowering dance class as we ask the burning question: “Don’tcha wish your girlfriend was hot like me!?”

A word of warning: as Christian Louboutin says “If you can't walk in them, then don't wear them!” - err on the side of caution when choosing which heels to wear. This is one situation where it is not advised to aim high. Full coverage over the foot is better than strappy sandals. Also avoid too much platform.



A firm favourite with the women (not exclusively) of the nation, this ultra sexy dance class pushes the boundaries of conventional dance classes and is designed to help you release your inner diva! Learn the art of seduction - not to be misused but purely to increase awareness of the power of sensuality and to hold that power with complete control, to be unleashed when necessary. Having been described as Burlesque on steroids, you will get down and dirty, ridiculously raunchy, crawl seductively and learn to smoulder like never before.