What a weekend!

I’ve been inspired to write something.

I’m often inspired to write things but more often than not by something negative which has p*ssed me off about the diet & weight loss industry or the fitness industry and the craziness on social media; when the righteous anger bubbles up inside me and I just want to protect those whose insecurities are being exploited. When that happens I post on Facebook and quite often delete it as there’s way too much negativity already out there!

But this time I think “ENTHUSED” is an apt word for how I feel today. Why? 2 reasons:

  • On Saturday I trained up more Strutology® InStrutters who were utterly divine and so passionate about all things Strut; so much so that one of them even shed a tear with frustration when she thought she might not pass. She said she loves the ethos so much and just wants to do it justice and do me proud. She absolutely will! My cockles were very much warmed! (Classes starting in Surrey soon)
  • On Sunday I was invited to give a little Strutology® session at a speaking event organised by Tanya and Claire at Wise & Gorgeous – don’t ask me which is which, they’e equally as wise and gorgeous as each other!!

The event was called “UNLEASH YOUR GODDESS!” Oh yeah, Baby. It was, in the immortal words of Gok Wan “all about the confidence!”

Tanya and Claire are a wonderful force of nature each with many years of experience in helping women with their “mind, mood, body and food”. We met online a long time ago and have been in touch on a regular basis since then, so to be meeting for the first time in the flesh was an unusual unfamiliar familiar feeling. As I expected they were both utterly captivating, caring, relaxed and a little bit ethereal, dressed in their floaty dresses with hair that grows upwards and defies gravity. Also as suspected I did fall a little bit on love with both of them. Who am I kidding, I already was!!

Find out more about Wise & Gorgeous and the wonderful work they do.

Check out the Work It Like A Diva: Body Confidence Course I created with the girls on Udemy which encourages you to embrace yourself and love who you are, by enabling you to shed your inhibitions in a non judgemental, sassy, well observed, thought provoking and on point way. It was so much fun putting it all together. I think you’ve enjoy the dance modules, interview and top tips which you can apply to your life.

At Unleash Your Goddess there were many female speakers who all spoke about confidence from completely different angles, using their own experiences to connect with the women in the audience.

There was Kim Garner, a fabulous singer who got the whole room to sing Katy Perry’s Firework – sounds like Karaoke, but it was far from it. As we sang we reflected on the lyrics, a couple of people were rather overwhelmed. It was incredibly powerful.

There was Amy Hackett-Jones, who asked us to imagine our 5 year old self and to say sorry to her for not believing in her and not cherishing her more. I know, sounds a bit woo-woo but actually I got very emotional, had a bit of a moment as did many other women the room.

There was Gozi of Gozphilosophy, who likened our progress in life to that of a baby learning to walk. I identified with it immediately when she said of the baby that initially they show “interest” in using their legs. I saw how this related to me and my business journey. I showed interest in helping women feel fabulous. When the baby pulls itself up and stands for a moment it gets a different perspective, but it falls down and maybe it hurts (been there so often in my journey), but the baby has a support network of people cheering it on to go again. I thought of my parents who have been there endlessly encouraging and supporting me. I also thought of my fabulous girlfriends who never fail to have an encouraging word when I have a wobble and a bump. Gozi urged us all to take that first step… and another… and another…

We travelled back to London together, Gozi and I. During the journey she helped me to see that what I do is so much more than a fitness class. Maybe it once began as fitness but the emotional. mental and spiritual benefits far outweigh the physiological benefits and you can’t really put a price on that. Many thanks to her for bigging me up all the way from Eastleigh to Waterloo! We all need a cheerleader!

Gozi is running her own speaking event in Old Street on Thursday May 18th. It’s called the Soul Summit (which is interesting because MY event, 2 days later is called the Strut Summit!- Great minds, eh? Incidentally the Strut Summit is almost sold out, get your ticket now) At the Soul Summit we will be focusing on Consciousness, Connection, Communication and (facing your) Challenges. Experts in their field will share their stories, insights and tools which will inspire, challenge and empower us in business and in life. I’m really looking forward to meeting more kindred spirits! Join us!! 

Back to UYG: my bit was right at the end and after a day of sitting and listening, I fully expected there to be some reticence to get up for a dance class, but they literally shot out of their seats. I guess they had been listening intently to the encouragement from the other speakers to take opportunities to grow. Nice one!

We had a real blast. I entertained them all with my physical comedy (if you’ve never seen me teach, I might look pretty but I can gurn for Britain) and joked them into feeling relaxed and giggly. They learned a routine which consisted of moves prompted by phrases such as “duck face” and “touch yourself” which were met with raucous laughter, before hitting them with the Strut Off which they took to quite topically like a duck to water! Groups of women took it in turns to strut and pose whilst being cheered on by the rest of the room: cue awkward feeling followed by sense of achievement! Complete success!

Saturday and Sunday’s events have each added to the driving force which is compelling me to go forth with my mission of helping all women out there to feel fabulous regardless of shape or size, to stop wasting time worrying about what others think of their body and to start living life out of the shadow of diet culture. Hoorah!

And if you want to help make a difference in the lives of ladies in your community (and if you have a dance teacher qualification or ETM) maybe think about becoming a Strutology® InStrutter.

There are still some places available on the InStrutter Training days.

If you haven't seen the School of Strut website yet, go and check it out. It's still a work in progress, but I will focusing on building that up more than keeping this blog page up to date, so head over there and sign up for updates - go to the home page and scroll down to the bottom where you can add your email address. See you on the Strut side!