It’s not often I’m left speechless.

But thankfully, this week I have been rendered silent (with tears pricking my eyes) on more than one occasion, in a good way, with nothing but gratitude for work that I have been lead to do. The image I’ve used here is tongue in cheek but I really have had many a moment of happy tears. I’m so blessed by these comments and knowing that I’m helping those who have suffered from poor body image and low self esteem just continues to fire me up and push me onwards!

These are just a few of the amazingly kind and humbling words which have come my way this week:

Vicky Joy said

“For the first time ever, I feel comfortable in my own skin. I’m probably the biggest I’ve been in 5 years, I’m enjoying what I choose to do at the gym, it makes me feel good. I’m not obsessed. I eat what I want and I bloomin’ well enjoy it. I’m smiley on the inside and it’s all thanks to Zoe McNulty and Nicola Feustel and their constant coaching via Facebook and Instagram over the last year. I’m about to go away and I can’t wait to get at that buffet, I also can’t wait to put a bikini on and be happy with how I am. This is seriously the best place to be. I feel blessed. Just to add to my comment on your post, you have no idea how much you’ve helped me. Just sorting out shit in my own head. We had a weight loss competition at work about 3/4 years ago. I went for it, I lost over a stone, I went down to 11 stone 1lb, the lightest I’ve been since teenage years. I was miserable, hungry, obsessed, tired and looking back on it I wasn’t happy with how I looked even then, I saw pictures and thought Joy, you look like a bloody lolly pop! So I was lost, thinking what exactly will make me happy? then you started with the body positive thing and it clicked, my f*ck it button started to work, I thought this is how I am, my bum, my thighs, my bloated tummy at times. I started to enjoy working out to celebrate me, what I could do, not to change my shape and weight. I’ve seen more change since I thought that way! My face is happy, my soul is happy, I’m not hungry, I’m not tired and I’m actually a nicer person and eager as an instructor to lead people the same way! 

I still get days where I look in the mirror and excuse my language I think “Joy you fat f*ck stop eating” but then I stop myself, I think what would Zoe do? and there’s this image of you in your fishnets and body suit at Strut Summit looking fabulous, in fact fabulous doesn’t even come close and I think, nope, enjoy yourself and stand tall, be like Zoe! 

I think because I feel confident that shows through in my personality and I’m seen differently? I think it’s important you know, sorry for the long message but I could go on all day. The penny finally dropped! It’s amazing!” 


Kristina Bruce said:

“Hi Zoe! We’ve never met but I felt moved to tell you that I was listening to your interview with Meret Boxler and it was really timely for me. I’m about 8 months into my recovery journey from dieting and body obsession. I lead yoga classes but I just recently trained to become a Bellyfit instructor. I was reviewing the video of me instructing that I am submitting for final review and it was hard – hard to see myself bigger than I’ve been in a long time. But after listening to your interview I was inspired to keep my vision strong of unlearning my beliefs about my body not being good enough as it is and especially that I won’t be a successful instructor in a bigger body. I was reaffirmed that actually, the world needs more women like me teaching these classes to show that you don’t need to be a size whatever to have fun and move your body. So thanks. Please keep shining and sharing your message and role modelling because you’re helping me and I’m sure many other women!”


Annalisa Zisman said

“I don’t do formal gratitude journal but often ponder on things I’m grateful for. I was in the car a minute ago and I was just really grateful to have you out there doing your thing, appearing on my Facebook with passion, wisdom and real integrity and heart. I could have bought a house with the money I have spent on therapy. Ironically I have had more light bulb moments since following you than in 27 years of therapy. 

Its a long road but just the glimpses of my smile – outer and inner and ability to function away from my self loathing skin makes it soooo worth while. Thanks lady”


Emma Dawe posted this photo:

“So I come for my family holiday, and this happens. I am wearing a bikini!!!!!!!!! Never mind Harry Potter or Disney; my body confidence Guru Zoe McNulty has performed a miracle, and damn do I feel good. Love you xxx”


Sammy Brown said:

“Hun, just a line or two, keep doing what you do, making women love what they have. I’m 5ft tall, size 16 and comfortable with what I have. It’s just other people around me that have “issues” and none of them are prefect! I get inner strength from what you write. I don’t wanna be skinny, I just wanna be respected for being me. Keep doing what you do xxx”


And this is one of my favourite break through moments from Jacqui Stewart:

“I will be honest BUT I didn’t get your Strutology at first. I looked at the vids etc and thought “that’s not a workout”! I was in the mind set of getting results at the end of the training sessions for my clients as in helping them lose weight, tone up, functional training etc etc, blah blah blah!

But then I saw what you were actually trying to promote rather than a new class gimmick as I thought it was.

You know what . . . . even though I do/did all the hardcore stuff I always, with every participant, in every class try to bring out the best in them as an individual. It’s not about a six pack, the buns on ya guns, the lift on ya butt, or the traps on ya back. Some of us instructors maybe the most insecure about their body type/shape. You sort of broke the mould. Massive respect to you Zoe McNulty.”

I’m choking up now as I edit their words together.

Please forgive me for the shameless plug of my Strutology® InStrutter Training courses – I believe in the power of the strut and if you are in anyway drawn towards the work I do, then you should seriously think about doing the growing team of InStrutters who are helping women in their communities to feel fabulous regardless of shape or size.

You’ve seen from the comments above that the movement is life changing and this gives me fire in my belly. If it does you too, then get in touch.

And if you’re not qualified in Exercise To Music and not a dancer but really want to work on your self confidence sign up for my “Work It Like A Diva Body Confidence Course” on Udemy and be sure to let me know how you get on.

Finally, there are only a couple of tickets left for the Strut Summit next Saturday (May 20th). I’m looking forward to giving 120 ladies (and gents) an amazing afternoon of sassiness and empowerment. Join us!