When I read this Facebook message which was shared by a friend, my heart broke for Sasha Williams, mother of 2 gorgeous children. I could almost feel her pain and anguish. I felt her fear and I wanted to help. 

Later I will tell you about the fitness event which is being held to help raise money to go towards the transplant, but first, this was her status update...

The treatment she needs is £130,000.

This is her story as reported on real-fix.com: 

‘They’re Ending My Life.’ : Terminally Ill Mum Fighting Cancer Refused Second Bone Marrow Transplant On NHS

A mum-of-two fighting leukaemia has been refused a second bone marrow transplant due to new NHS rules – leaving her with less than a year to live.
Sasha Jones, 34, was diagnosed with leukaemia three years ago, but a transplant failed and has left her battling the NHS for a chance to extend her life.
She first noticed something was wrong in March 2015, when she started to feel tired all the time, and noticed her skin bruised easily.
She also had symptoms similar to dementia because her brain wasn’t getting enough healthy blood.
After telling her GP, Sasha was rushed to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich, south east London, for blood tests which revealed she had 50 per cent leukaemia in her blood.
Over the following six weeks, Sasha stayed in hospital for four rounds of chemotherapy, and had a bone marrow transplant in August 2015.

The transplant was initially successful, but just less than a year later, Sasha was told she had relapsed and the bone marrow had failed.

It was then she found out the NHS no longer funded second marrow transplants.

Sasha said: “When I was first diagnosed, they didn’t tell me I wouldn’t be able to have further transplants.

“The new rules say they will fund the second transplant if the first fails within a year, but they’ve told me they won’t do it.

“I’m going to appeal the decision again, but if they keep dragging it out, I won’t have the chance to get another transplant and live.

“The cancer could come back within eight months, and even when I am in remission

“I’ll never be cured – if there are less than five per cent cells, they hide and doctors can’t tell if it’s there or not.

“I could still have the transplant and die, because there’s only a 40 per cent chance of survival and living up to give years, but lots of people have surpassed that.

“The transplant would give me another chance at life – I could live for another 20 to 50 years – but without it, I’d be dead within two.

“It’s my only chance of survival.”


Sasha, from Thamesmead, south east London, is hoping the NHS will change their minds after she lodged an appeal.

She has still not received a reason for her second transplant being rejected, but has been told her donor has been taken off the register.

She added: “I was put forward for a trial using my donor’s cells but every option has been wiped out.

“I don’t know why my donor has been taken off the register because it’s confidential, but leads me to believe there’s something wrong with the marrow I’ve already had.


Immediately I shared her post (along with over 600 other FB users), found her GoFundMe link and gave what I could. The problem with donating money is that it never feels like it's enough, well, it isn't, is it?

I then saw that the friend who's post I saw initially, Emma Case Boakes was planning a fitness event, not too far from my home on a day where I wasn't booked for anything else - this is rare these days! I offered my time.

If you're anywhere near or don't mind travelling we would love to see you there:

8 January at 12:00–15:00

Long Lane

JFC Kidbrooke Playing Fields

Dursley Road, Blackheath

London, SE3 8PB

Please join us for this fantastic fitness event to raise money for Sasha Williams. The NHS have denied her a second transplant and this money is desperately needed

So get ready to Strut with the one and only Zoe McNulty, Bollywood, Burlesque and Zumba. All topped and tailed with the lovely Hilary Maile and Pilates

Tickets are limited and cost £15 with all of the proceeds going to Sasha so book your place now


To reserve a place go to the Facebook event and tick the "Going" box and bring your £15 on the day. But please do let us know if you can't make it.