The Guardian has published this article today as the UK wakes up to the Arch Nemesis date of Body Positivity - January 1st and thank goodness, it's just in time for the madness...

Ex-Bodybuilder Campaigns To Ditch Diets And End Myth Of The Ideal Shape

"Many of us waking up will feel the familiar pang of New Year’s Day self-loathing and decide that this is the day to start that new diet, begin that new detox, finally attempt to get the body of our dreams. Within a month we will probably feel miserable, hungry and no closer to achieving our goal.

Now a new film is set to challenge the increasingly pervasive message that there is one way to look by tackling the myth of the perfect body and the celebrity culture that fuels it. 

Embrace follows Australian writer and campaigner Taryn Brumfitt as she travels across the world talking to a huge variety of women about how they see themselves. She speaks to actor and talk-show host Ricki Lake about body image and Hollywood, to an entertainingly direct Amanda de Cadenet about what it was like living with tabloid scrutiny at the age of 18 (“The message I took from it was that if you were thinner you were better … these days I’d say if you want to eat the biscuit, eat the f*cking biscuit”) and to Harnaam Kaur, a British Sikh woman who celebrates the beard caused by polycystic ovary syndrome rather than break her religious beliefs.

Most movingly of all, the film introduces us to women who have seen their bodies change in dramatic ways, from Kirsty who lost a breast to cancer (“My boys think it’s cool, they’ve got a mum with one boob – it’s a bragging point”) to the inspirational Turia Pitt who suffered burns to 65% of her body when she was caught in a bush fire and who admits: “I’ve gone through something so huge … and I think, well, if I’ve managed to start my life from scratch then I’m not sure why other people can’t. That probably sounds a little bit harsh but it’s just how I feel.”

“I made the film because I really wanted to have a conversation about this,” says Brumfitt. “I felt as though a lot of people behind closed doors felt the way I did – that they were being pressured to look a certain way and I wanted people to know that they’re not alone.”

Brumfitt knows the price of striving for perfection. After the birth of her third child she became obsessed with regaining a pre-pregnancy figure and began a punishing weight-loss and exercise regime that culminated in competing in a bodybuilding contest. But despite having what society would claim was the perfect figure, she was desperately unhappy and decided to return to a more relaxed regime. One day she posted an online before-and-after picture, with a twist. The before picture was her at her thinnest, the happy after shot was Brumfitt as she was, carrying a few pounds yet content.

“I thought it might help people but the response was mind-blowing,” she says. “It went viral and became this internet sensation and suddenly I found myself doing media across the world and talking about how women see their bodies.”...


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