I'm not normally a Drake fan

Usually I find the vocoded voice and monotonous sounds really annoying. But now that he has sampled an old favourite of mine, "Do You Mind" by Kayla, a garage tune which reminds me of my time dancing for Twice As Nice, I'm starting to really feel it. Now I quite like a bit of Drake (I've also noticed that he's quite handsome!) and I LOVE "One Dance".

I've started a new class at Gymbox Covent Garden and I had a request to use this track by my very good friend and former flat mate, Angela so how could I refuse? Besides it did make me want to dance and get my creative juices flowing.

The new class is Commercial Dance and is on Tuesdays at 7pm (writing this the next day and I'm still buzzing!) 

You just won't understand how happy I was to be asked to teach this class. My creativity has been stifled somewhat recently and this was just what I needed to reconnect with the funky, cool, young-for-my-age side of me. I refuse to give in to middle agedness! 

Now, I REALLY LOVE my role as super-sassy-sexy-curvy-confident-mother-strutter-raunch-queen but its been a while since I busted out some bad ass moves. What is nice about this opportunity is that I can bust out said moves but also because it is "Commercial" there is loads of girly sassiness in there too! Which is fab because it means I am creating more content for all things School of Strut®... 

When the new site launches you will be able to get the tutorial for the dance routine - HOORAH!

It will be perfectly in keeping with SexyStreet™ and will be a regular feature on the website, meaning you can bust out some cool moves in the privacy of your living room. Here is the finished product...

Please leave a comment below if you like the routine and share it with your friends 

Thank you xxx