Can't Think Why

When I say going viral, I mean the video has had 30+ shares on Facebook. Not exactly mind blowing stats, but none the less a record break for me. You can see the video below which I have also uploaded to YouTube which has thankfully not been blocked (it's getting so difficult to share any type of dance class now with all the copyright claims, so sad).

For the finale track/performance of Strutology®, sometimes I like to get my bum out.... Not to offend or to be shocking (or even to titillate), but to demonstrate that one just makes a decision to be confident.

You resolve to not give one single **** about what people think and you do yo' thang, mamma!!

If you look closely you might see it wobble, there may be lumps and bumps, rolls and folds but if you stand back the whole package looks pretty good... We are far more than the sum of our parts, remember that. 

The video was filmed at UFD (Unity Fitness & Dance) Luxury Weekender at Five Lakes Crowne Plaza Resort last weekend. 

The funniest part was when the males who were watching from the sidelines (can't imagine why!) were dragged into the centre to join in the Strut-Off, an integral part of the session where we strut and pose to release inhibitions. It's safe to say the boys succeeded in that!! 

I was also really honoured to have Laura Dajao in class. Laura is a dancer, choreographer, teacher and performer and she does these things in a wheelchair, like a boss! She was the first person in a wheelchair to perform at Sadlers Wells, pretty cool, huh?

Strutology® InStrutter Training

If you're an instructor or dance teacher and you are passionate about helping women to feel confident in the skin they're in, the Strutology® InStrutter Training will be the perfect match for you. The one-day course will be launching in Preston on Thursday 10th November as a pre-convention training at FitCamps. No, you don't have to wear a leotard or get your bum out!

The Strut Summit 2

Also you might like to JOIN ME and absorb some of my body confidence at the STRUT SUMMIT 2 in Highgate, London, November 19th for more of this and so much more (Raunch®, SexyStreet™, awesome raffle prizes, possibly hot male dancers (working on that!). Tickets are limited...

OK, now you can watch the video!! Please do like, comment and share with your friends...