Although there was prosecco involved, the title is merely a clever play on words. We were pretty excited however and had a 'smashing' time during the weekend 'break' and couldn't 'weight' to get this blog up to be able to 'hammer' home this message! Sorry, I'll stop now. How annoying was that on a 'scale' of 1 to 10? SORRY!

So my good friend Nicola wanted to smash her scales up as a symbol of her new found freedom from her orthorexia which is an obsession with clean eating and addiction to exercise.

Nicola was a bikini model and champion figure competitor but had an epiphany a few months ago and describes realising she had a problem as 'waking up'. She always thought she was super healthy but in fact her mental state was far from it. She lacked any sort of balance and is now campaigning to help all women find their healthy balance.

We headed to Fassnidge Park in Uxbridge on Sunday afternoon, in the glorious heat, armed with scales and a sledgehammer. Have a look at the video to see what happened.

Nicola encouraged me to become a "Body Image Movement Global Ambassador" or #BIMGA as I mentioned in my last blog and we have both embraced our bodies just as they are now and would that everyone would do the same. #ihaveembraced. In the video below she explains how YOU can get involved with the #SmashTheScales campaign.

Leave a comment below, like and share with your friends and let us know if you decide to get smashing!