Miss Galaxay Universe is different from all the other fitness shows and figure competitions. It not only gives ladies who have worked very hard on their figures to show off all their hard work and the opportunity to win great prizes, but it champions ladies of all shapes and sizes and this is why I love it.  Miss Galaxy Universe home to the Miss Monroe International Category which is for ladies size 12-16 (UK) and it's close to my heart as I won the title in 2014 and it was INCREDIBLY LIBERATING!!

The reason I'm bringing this up now is because I've had some sad news that the category is in danger of not running... UNLESS at least 8 girls come forward to take part in the show and I have accepted the challenge of finding the girls.

I have ONE WEEK to do this! If 8 girls haven't signed up and paid for the entry to the show by 28th June, it's all over :(

I think the reason why the category is in danger of closing is because there just isn't enough interest and this breaks my hear! If you've followed me for a while you will know that I am all about championing the curves and bigging up the bigger ladies. But what I think Miss Galaxy Universe has been lacking until now is someone to hold their hands and say "it's ok, you look fabulous" when surrounded by a bevy of beauties in tiny bikinis with toned tummies and tiny butts.

Don't you want to be a hero? Don't you want to be one of the strong ones who stands up and says "ENOUGH, I WILL LOVE MY BODY NOW, WITH NO CONDITIONS ATTACHED, NOT WHEN I LOSE WIEGHT, NOT WHEN I'M A SIZE 10 - NOW!!!"

If you decide to go for it, I will hold your hand throughout. I'll be one of your posing coaches and we will work on your body confidence and stage presence which is my area of expertise. You will be strutting and posing in a swim suit and an evening gown. The style of Monroe is always 1940/50s glamour.

The date of the show is November 5th and will be in Leicester.

Now, it won't be cheap. I need to make sure you're aware of what you might be saying yes to. I've done a rough tot-up and it could cost £500+ (depending on how much you splash out on your dress and swimsuit, hair and make up, tan, shoes, hotel room, entrance, bootcamp, photos etc).

Bikini Bootcamp and Rehearsal are compulsory and there will be several dates which will be released soon. Sarah the event organiser wants everyone to know what they are doing and to look good on stage, not nervous and unsure where to stand. 

It will be a journey but I can promise you an AWESOME time of self discovery, confidence boosting and esteem being sent through the roof!!