Beat The Bank Holiday Blues

So it's now May, but blimey, it's still blummin' chilly.  Don't let this ridiculously long winter dampen your spirits - get some May Motivation with this whole body workout, full of interesting fitness inspiration.  

I spent the afternoon at my regular workout hangout, the Horniman Gardens in Forest Hill, South East London.  I'm always finding lovely backdrops for my workouts around there.  

Join me - all you need is a sofa or a bench... and maybe a flight of stairs/steps but no bother if not. We focus on legs & bum, chest & triceps, core and cardio.

Incidentally my leggings are Reebok, my jacket is from Tesco and my pumps are Nike.

The music used in this video is provided with consent by Pure Energy Music Solutions.  Contact Alison Dixon for enquiries about royalty free music for videos and also PPL licence free and licence required music for dance and fitness classes. 

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