...Or I'll Go Home!

Firstly my apologies that #ToneTuesday has been delayed until, erm, #FitnessFriday... but I had MAJOR issues with iMovie (4.5 hours in total on the phone to Apple), followed by helping out a friend in need (when a girl needs cover for class), followed by an invitation to the launch of a new activewear brand (well I am an 'influencer' lol) meant that it has been impossible to stick to the usual schedule. 

Hey, these things happen... so sue me! Only messing - please don't!

Another reason why I was unable to stick to my usual routine was because on Saturday I had the Strut Summit event, which really took up all of my brian space and energy in the run up to it, on the day and for days afterwards!  We've already got 26 ladies booked on to the next one - Look out for my next blog which will have footage and details of how to book.

So this workout is perfect for you if you're knackered like I have been all week, but you still want to do SOMETHING so you can tick 'work out' off your list of things to do. In this episode I focus on the butt, again. It seems to be the one that everyone wants to focus on so, you're welcome!

The music used in this video is provided with consent by Pure Energy Music Solutions.  Contact Alison Dixon for enquiries about royalty free music for videos and also PPL licence free and licence required music for dance and fitness classes. 

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