Last Saturday myself and 90 Strutologists strutted our shizzle at the first ever Strut Summit at Jacksons Lane, a converted church in Highgate, London.

Apart from a few technical hitches with sound, the day was fabulous and I although there are somethings to address for the next time, I couldn't have been more chuffed with how it went.

The whole thing was filmed and I'm having some videos put together. 

In the mean time I have done a little video of part of Strutology™ in which we get our strut on to JLo's new song "Ain't Your Mama".  See if you can spot the one lady in the group who really could not make this claim, yes that's right - my Mama!

Next Saturday, May 28th I will be teaching Strutology™ to an awesome group of ladies at Fitness First Harrow. I can honestly say that the last time I was there, just before Christmas, it was one of the most rewarding sessions ever - possibly even more rewarding than the time I taught 2000 ravers at Wembley!

Why was it so memorable?  The WOMEN!

They were so open to me helping them, but yet so nervous initially.  They just needed a little coaxing out of their shells, but boy, when they let go, they seriously released their inner divas! Oh how we smouldered, shimmied and laughed until our sides hurt. It was special to be a part of.

Come and join us.