Let's Get Out & Work Out!

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed being in that tranquil place early in the morning. It really gave me a happy summer vibe which in itself motivated me to be active and energetic.

This workout, as I often do is aimed at the whole body: upper body exercises, lower body exercises and core exercises to tone and condition the muscles.

I had a steep hill to use but all exercises can be done on the spot or over a distance on the flat, use the space available. 

If you have a distraction like someone mowing the lawn around you, just smile, stay in the zone and carry on. Don't forget, as Baz Luhrmann advises "Wear sun screen!!"

Use the space you have got and make sure there are no trip hazards. Make sure you check with your doctor before working out with me and when you're ready, I'll see you on the other siiiiide!

Incidentally my leggings and trainers are Reebok, my vest is H&M and my sports bra is the Stuff Your Bra bra by Lulu Lemon.

The music used in this video is provided with consent by Pure Energy Music Solutions.  Contact Alison Dixon for enquiries about royalty free music for videos and also PPL licence free and licence required music for dance and fitness classes. 

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