I do love to look at the view out of my living room windows - it doesn't look like London at all, it looks more like where I grew up in Stockport, Cheshire: very green and leafy with lots of suburban roof tops.

There is a little private road at the back of the gardens which I have never been down.  Mainly because I have never found the entrance to the road and that's because I never really went actively looking... until this week!  

I felt as though someone was going to come out from somewhere and say 'gerr'orf moy laaaand' and it threw me somewhat, I was vaguely distracted.  Combine that with the bitter wind chill in the air that day (which I was not prepared for and therefore was not dressed appropriately - needed a hat and gloves and maybe a pair of jogging bottoms) and I was all over the place and forgot to even do an introduction.

But I'm sure you don't mind as you still get a great leg workout which you can do at home, at the gym or in the park.  As usual no equipment is needed, not even a chair or park bench.  There's no reinventing the wheel here... I can't even think of an imaginative or engaging title for the video!

This workout focuses on the lower body as a whole, including the core and glutes.  Exercises include different types of squat and lunges, each having slightly different intention and outcome.

Incidentally my leggings are called Jungle by Zoe Leggings, my jacket is from Tesco, pumps are Nike.

The music used in this video is provided with consent by Pure Energy Music Solutions.  Contact Alison Dixon for enquiries about royalty free music for videos and also PPL licence free and licence required music for dance and fitness classes. 

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