Controversial subject today... To gap or not to gap... is that the question? 

If a ladies anatomical shape means that with her 'childbearing' hips, her femurs hang out of her pelvis at an angle that give her a thigh gap... And if she healthy ... Yeah thigh gap! If she has a narrow hips and is carrying a little extra weight but is healthy - no thigh gap... 

The question should be 'is it anyone else's business whether we have thigh gaps or not?' Lol 💕 

But for those of you who want inner thigh toning exercises as part of a holistic, whole body routine, these inner thigh exercises will certainly help you tone your thighs. Perform the routine through two or three times as part of leg day!!

And of course if you do want to sculpt your thighs, you do need to look at your diet... and we all know how I feel about that.  Just eat a reasonably healthy, balanced diet, with lots of veg, protein, good fats and a little of what you fancy and stop focusing on body parts. You are you and those who are important love you for everything that you are... not for your potential for thigh gap!

Incidentally my leggings are called Trip by Zoe Leggings, my jacket is from Tesco, pumps are Nike.

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