My clients have Bingo-Wing crazy for these exercises... geddit? Been Going/Bingo Wing... Sorry about me!

In this video I target the dreaded tricep area, a much neglected part of the female body.  Summer is coming and we want to be able to wear vests and clap our hands without starting a small tsunami.

This little routine of 5 tricep exercises can be done up to 3 times a week to help you tone and tighten your upper arms. No equipment necessary, no Dumbbells or Bands required. You just need a chair/step/edge of the bed and a wall.

Incidentally my leggings are called Japan by Zoe Leggings, my jacket is from Tesco, pumps are from Reebok and I cut my own hair... I thank you!

The music used in this video is provided with consent by Pure Energy Music Solutions.  Contact Alison Dixon for enquiries about royalty free music for videos and also PPL licence free and licence required music for dance and fitness classes. 

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