International Women's Day Competition Results

Yesterday I set a task for my readers to tell me why it's awesome being a woman and the best response would receive 2 COMPLIMENTARY TICKETS (cue mental image of 2 tickets being nice to each other) to the Strut Summit on May 14th in Highgate London.

It was lovely, reading the entries and I decided to give 2 runner up prizes as well of a complimentary ticket each too.  

The Runners-Up are...

STARWOLF A (real name unknown as yet)
"It's great being a woman as some men don't think we are capabe of going to the gym and we prove them wrong. I feel woman have more confidence and they are underestimated. Women rule!"

Sarah Cooke

"The great thing about being a woman is not one thing! It's the many things that make us so unique, so amazing. We have the capacity to look sexy and composed while keeping so many other metaphorical balls in the air. We are fierce and forceful at the same time as being soft and comforting.
"What I also like is that we can be so many different versions of ourselves, with just a different hairstyle, or outfit or pair of shoes. Being a woman is a blank canvas,and it's awesome, it's hard at times, but it's the best version of being there is!"



"Wise, witty wife
Originality on-the-move
Motivating, magnificent Mother
Affectionate, ambitious & alluring
No-nonsense nurse"

I chose this as the winner as it's clever and well thought out.  I love that she has used more than one adjective for each of the letters in the acronym.  It's just lovely.  Well done Yvette.

CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU GUYS.  I will be in touch with you individually to give you your tickets.

If anyone else is thinking of coming the booking link is below and you can find out more about the day here in this video...