Oh my goodness, time is tight, don't you find?  Not enough hours in the day.  I do not know how you guys with families do it.  The reason I am pondering the old "where does it go?" question is because I have found myself once again having run out of time and, to some degree, energy for ToneTuesday filming.  So I set up the camera in my warm, cosy flat to have a chat, to give you my opinion on something which keeps popping up... not that you asked for my opinion, but I guess this is what blogs are for and that why you're here reading this.

I won't waffle on anymore, I do enough of that in the video.  I also present to you my take on the this whole "self love" thing and why, in spite of being part of the empowerment movement, I'm uncomfortable with this term.

And here is the link to book tickets for £25 for my Strut Summit.  Don't let them run out!  Price goes up to £40 on Sunday 8pm.

Please do stay until the end for the stupid faces I tend to make... at least I make myself chuckle! 

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