Top 7 Body Weight Exercises

With the UFD Crew

My apologies that this #ToneTuesday became Workout Wednesday due to the delay in posting.  

This was down to a series of technical hitches which began during filming and followed through to editing, but all sorted now.  

It is not how I envisioned the episode to be but we have worked with what we got, which turned out to be my fave top 7 whole body weight exercises as performed by the crew from Unity Fitness & Dance whilst away in Llandrindod, Wales for the annual fitness convention there. - next one is in Colchester, Essex August 19th-21st.

If you're going to try these exercises out I suggest you do 30 seconds of work to 30 seconds of rest and change the ratio to do more work than rest as you get stronger and more adept.  Try doing the exercises 3 times through with no break.

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