This is a regular occurrence: there I am watching wonderful, stunning, inspiring videos on Facebook and YouTube of gorgeous, voluptuous women being free, happy and sexy and THEN I scroll down to see RIDICULOUS comments made by the "Concern Trolls". I am SOOOOOOO SICK of reading/hearing people put their two penneth in and dressing it up as concern!

Comments such as "being overweight is unhealthy" and "we should be promoting a healthy lifestyle", oh and the best one "this is glamorising obesitiy" really annoy me because those making them are just repeating what they've heard pumped out by the media and pharmaceutical companies without actually looking into the facts. These industries are highly invested in us all remaining in a state of fear and hatred of fat.  Studies which have not been funded by these industries show that bigger people are living longer lives and any evidence to the contrary is propaganda and cleverly twisted statistics pushed by those few very wealthy and powerful people at the top who stand to lose an awful lot if we all woke up and had an attitude like these ladies in the video below. The advert by Lane Bryant, an American plus size clothing company shows plus size hotties dismissing actual comments made on social media... 

When it comes to "bigger" women, people suddenly seem to be concerned about women's health. But where is the protest about glorifying thinness & eating disorders? I would suggest it's just a cover for what they really want to say which is "I don't like looking at bigger women as much, so I'm going to repeat what I've heard and say it's unhealthy so I don't look like an arse-hole". 

I've been thinking about writing a blog post on this subject for a while but I struggled to define what I wanted to say. However recently I heard something in a podcast and it struck me like a lightening bolt. I had to stop to write it down! It's what I have felt for a while but just been unable to voice it - maybe I just lacked the vocabulary or grammar to explain the feeling. Now I get it even more clearly than before.

The podcast I was listening to was "Life. Unrestricted" by Meret Boxler who is a writer and ex-radio DJ from Switzerland with the best voice ever, who is currently on a mission to heal her mind and body from diet-culture. She says: 

"After decades of dieting, feeling ashamed in my body, going totally overboard with exercise, being obsessed with food, calories and weight, I want to get my mind straight again. I’m sick of the "need to be skinny to be happy“-misery so many of us end up in. There’s not much I know, but I can tell you this: Restrictive eating and compulsively exercising make you lose what you were after in the first place: A fulfilled life."

Meret was interviewing Virgie Tovar, an author, activist and one of the USA's leading experts and lecturers on fat discrimination and body image. Virgie said that we live in a culture where fat-phobia is normal! It is not seen as bigotry but it absolutely is! She's totally right. And nowhere is it more prevalent than in my industry - the Fitness Industry. 

But alas, what can I do, other than keep posting glorious videos and images of curvacious babes being utterly unapologetically themselves and hope that people wake up and start to question the "facts"? So here you go, check out these beauts on Ashley Graham's runway modelling her Addition Elle lingerie line.

But my plea to you is that before you pass judgement and decide to comment ask yourself "Is it helpful, is it kind and is it true?" If not then please SHHHHHH, LET PEOPLE ENJOY THINGS! And keep your bigotry to yourself. I thank you.

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