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So it's a brand new year and we're back to work... That shiny new feeling wearing off and the same old resolutions most likely already having been broken! Resolutions get a hard time. Many pooh pooh the concept of resolving to make changes stating that we're just setting ourselves up for failure. But what is certain is without resolving to change positively, positive change will not happen. You gotta be in it, to win it, innit!?

What upsets me is that most resolutions are made with the exterior as the focus. If you are aware of my work you'll know that I help women to feel good about themselves regardless of shape or size as I get them to tap into feelings of empowerment through carrying themselves well. Essentially I make them feel sexy. This is important as it is invaluable to be able to feel great about one's self irrespective of the outer casing because the outer casing, like it or not, is degenerating. And at some point it will fail and/or disappoint you no matter how many resolutions you make and even manage to stick to.

Oh dear, I'm sorry if I sound like a pessimist but I believe I am a realist, not a fantasist. My life took a far more fulfilling turn when I realised I could stop wasting time worrying about my body and fantasising about some mythical date in the future when I will be thin and therefore allow myself to be happy. 

What was stopping me from being happy? 


How about we resolve to be happier? To choose to wake up to happy thoughts. To see the positive in any situation. To turn that frown upside down!! We are very capable of doing that. Just try it. 

Instead of resolving to fix the exterior why not work on the interior: aspects of our personality which might not be as measurable as weight or dress size but which certainly demonstrate who we which is far more important than what we look like, wouldn't you agree? 

Things we could work on: forgiveness, positive attitude, kindness, being less greedy, focusing on the needs of others, being less jealous/envious, being happy for those who are doing well... 

I'm preaching to myself here too, by the way. I don't claim to have cracked all of the above but my resolution for 2016 is to shift the focus from making money and start focusing on serving the people in the best way that I can, to reach more women with my message than ever before and help them stop wasting time hating on themselves and start really living a confident life immediately. 

What are your resolutions for your inner being? You can reply to me at You can also receive my FREE 5 Day Strut video series - mini dance classes to help you feel sexy especially of you're feeling the post-Christmas frump... As the Baz Luhrmann song says "You are NOT as fat as you imagine!"

Happy New Attitude! 

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