I sooooooo did not want to film this yesterday!  After having been floored for a week and still recovering from a coughy-sneezy cold thing, plus knowing how cold it was out there (although not snowing like the previous morning!) the LAST THING I wanted to do, was leave the warmth and comfort of my little flat and head to the park to film ToneTuesday.  

Sorry, my Lovelies, I love sending these out to you every week but I was close to coming up with an excuse!! I knew it was going to be uncomfortable. But after it was done, apart from feeling ruined, I felt very positive.

When we have set backs in life, whatever they me be- sickness, work, relationships, we mustn't be too hard on ourselves when our progress slows down or slips backwards. It's only for a brief season and when the time is right you will start to rebuild your momentum. All is not lost!

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