OK so it was only last Saturday, not a wildly thrown back Thursday!  But #TBT all the same.  

Last Saturday I spent the afternoon with a whole bunch of gorgeous, shiny, happy people at Husky's Dance Studios in Elephant And Castle.  We were there for Guillaume Lorentz's afternoon of classes and it was a special time.

Guillaume is not in the UK very often but when he is I make sure I'm there!  The only time I had missed his visit was when I broke my foot the week before.  Guillaume is from Paris and to say he is a superstar is an utter understatement.  He is a ridiculously talented dancer and choreographer who won the 2012 La Meilleure Danser (French version of Sky One’s Got to Dance) with his crew "HeyCrew" and presents all over the world!  He is also a founding member of the awesome RaggaJam and his insatiable passion for music and dance is infectious.  #Besotted

This is a vid of us..... then scroll down to find out more about when you can do his classes in the UK in future!

Just look at him!!!!

Another video... 

And another... 

In fact, the video above is one of the reasons he first came to teach in the UK and I was responsible!!!  I had posted several videos like this of his RaggaJam sessions and Lydia, founder of FitCamps saw them and promptly contacted his agent and he was booked!!  When she told me I could not believe my ears!  And Guillaume and I have been good friends ever since.

So the next time you can catch him in the UK is in November at Ribby Hall, at FitCamps which will be a big this year - the 25th Anniversary!!!  It will be £139 per person plus accommodation, but you might get a discount if you book right now!!  Contact Lydia Campbell and mention me.

Following that, he is back with Lyna and Sylvia on April 30th, venue tbc.

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Stay Fabulous!!!