The Domonique Take-Over

An Arm Workout with Lady Guns Herself...

Meet my mate Dom.  She thoroughly entertains me and when we had a spare half hour during our weekend at Fitness Fiesta in Hemsby I decided to ask Dom if she wanted to contribute to this week's #ToneTuesday and I let her take over the show!

My apologies if this silliness means you don't get as much of a workout as you were hoping for today... however my sides are still aching from sniggering throughout the editing process!  

As you will see in the video, I had planned on doing a voice over as I usually do, but I forgot to brief Dom and she was being hilarious, but that is why you might not be able to hear me, you weren't supposed to initially! 

Anyway, the warm up and cool down are included, so when you're ready, you're good to go.... Enjoy!