If you saw #ToneTuesday this week, you'll know I visited my folks over the bank holiday and the old videos came out.  I asked my Dad to play one of his favourites so I could film it for #ThrowBackThursday.  It's the one of me dancing on the podiums in Ibiza in a former life.  These videos were quite a revelation to me.  I'll explain why...

I remember it like it was last week.  It was my 3rd season working in Ibiza: the year 2000 when my parents came to visit me.  My folks are very cool, sometimes unwittingly but nevertheless, they totes rock and they accompanied me to both Clockwork Orange and Manumission, my places of work, to the sounds of "Zoe's Mum, Zoe's Mum..." being chanted by large groups of Manumission 'Entertainers'.  The 'rents, are pretty hardcore and were still going strong at 9am when I literally had to drag them out so I could start my shift at Bar M beach bar by 11am. 

My Dad, in usual dad-fashion had brought his camcorder (this was way before the days of camera phones) and dutifully filmed me as I performed my sets on various podiums.  Bearing in mind that I didn't have a camcorder and had not really seen myself dance 'full out' since watching footage of charity galas I would perform in with my theatre school which I attended after 'proper' school a couple of days a week as a teen.  By this time I was 24.  

So the next day when Dad queued up the camera to play back what he had filmed the night before, I was pretty overwhelmed.  I had no idea what I looked like when I danced.  I had only seen my reflection in a mirror when practicing but it's not the same as seeing yourself as others see you, when you're busting out moves, feeling the music, going 'full out'.  

I could really dance!!!  I actually cried!  I had no clue that I looked like that!  This is what I saw...

This is my Ibiza story:  I went to Ibiza as a tourist in 1996 and was blown away by what I saw at Manumission.  In 1997, I couldn't afford a holiday but as I sunbathed in the back garden I listened to the Radio 1 Roadshow Live in Ibiza from Cafe Mambo, I vowed in my heart to go back there the following year, to go to Manumission and get a job dancing.... and I did exactly that.  Got on a plane, went to the club, tapped a podium dancer on the foot (it just so happened to be a friend I'd met not long before in London) who proclaimed he had heard that I was on the island and introduced me to the head dancer, I auditioned but was told there were no spaces for another female... but they'd take me on anyway cos I had smashed it! 

I would often stand on the highest podium at the back of the club and just marvel - 16,000 people in Privilege (where Manumission was held) every single Monday.  I was doing my dream job and I used to think 'Where can I go from here?  I've done my dream job...'  But that train of thought didn't last very long when I started presenting at conventions and began getting some really awesome job satisfaction along with messages from women who have really been affected by something as unassuming as a dance class.  I think the best is yet to come!  Big things are ahead!  But I will never forget my Ibiza experiences.

The purpose of #TBT for me is to provide a platform, to lay out all that I've done in my career thus far, from way back when right up to last week and although I no longer move in those circles, the skills that those days gave me, I still use today:  creativity on the spot, confidence to get up in front of people, ability to communicate with all types and of course being able to freeeeestyle!  

Thank you for watching!