She's one of those girls who you just can't fault.... And I've tried!  I've looked for flaws but certainly, non seem to be prevalent!  I think she's an absolute inspiration, having gone from receptionist at Gymbox to PT, to one of the most popular and well rounded group exercise instructors across the chain, to becoming a boxer in the short time I have known her.  She always has a smile on her face, never has a bad work to say about anyone, is super supportive of her friends and can you tell I have a major #girlcrush!! 

Meet Lisa Moore...

She is actually a ninja: Don't Mess - Photography by Cassius Frankson

She is actually a ninja: Don't Mess - Photography by Cassius Frankson

Me: Firstly thank you so much for agreeing to be one of my WCWs! 

But let’s face it, you’re a spectacular woman!  Cool, funny, friendly, kind, down to earth and really fit but you’re well ‘ard too!  Tell me about your boxing!  What got you into this originally?  Was it from working at Gymbox, or did you have this interest prior to that?


Lisa: Firstly THANK YOU for asking me and for the lovely intro!! You're good for my ego Zoe. Xxx

With regards to boxing, my interest started before I became part of the Gymbox team but it was meeting the right people within Gymbox who believed in me more than I did myself (big shout out to Ciaran Duffy - Gymbox Bank VPT and former VPT Rupert Stamp) who gave me a confidence boost and a kick in the right direction that was the beginning of it all. I joined an amateur club in 2013, a year after the Olympics first hosted Female boxing that catapulted Nicola Adams into the limelight. She's such a big source of inspiration for me, as is Katy Taylor who I've followed for years. 

Me: How do you manage to still look so beautiful even with a black eye?  

Lisa: Ha. With a shed load of Mac Concealer... it's magic.

Me: What titles have you won?

Lisa: "Haringey Box Cup Gold Medalist Class C 2014" and "Haringey Box Cup Silver Medalist Class B 2015"

Me: Are you amateur, semi pro, or pro and what is the plan?

Lisa: I box at Amateur level representing Repton Boxing Club (@reptonboxingclub).  Repton are the best club in the UK and what I learn from my coaches I pass on. My plans... to keep training hard, stay focused, always learning and improving and then... when Team GB call for me... I'll be ready.

Me:  Wow, you go girl!  Not only do you fight, you’re a personal trainer too.  Who do you like to train?  Who is your ideal client?  What success stories have you had?

Lisa: I take my training seriously. I give 100% always, both as the trainer or trainee and I expect nothing less from my clients or class members.  I don't care how fit you are, I just care if you're giving it your everything, physically and mentally. When I have clients/members like that, that makes me really happy. 

I had an amazing client Erryn who lost 16kg.  It was a healthy transformation and it was all down to HER hard work, dedication and discipline, not only during our sessions but more importantly introducing health and fitness into her every day life. That's the hardest part. I'm so proud of Erryn. 

Me:  I love that you're emotionally invested.  So you also teach group exercise.  What classes do you teach?  What are your favourites and why?

Lisa: Well, apart from the obvious, I love teaching Fight Klub: it makes fitness fun while still giving you a tough work out. I get to use boxing technique to the music of my choice. #Winning. 

Me: What is your ethos or your USP?

Lisa: Ok my life ethos... "be groovy or leave man." - Bob Dylan

Me: You just so happen to be my first WCW Jessica McKee’s roomie.  I personally think it’s unfair to not have distributed the cool, funny, gorgeousness around the rest of London to be honest, especially with Jess’s handsome fella staying there… it must literally be like one long permanent episode of “Friends” in East London!  I saw you posting workouts in the garden, it looked a lot of fun.  What was that for and where can we see the workouts (and will there be outtakes!!?)

Lisa: Ha. I'm actually Jess's neighbour but I'm over there a lot or she's here drinking endless cups of tea, planning world domination or mostly just chatting rubbish, havin' a giggle.  

John is part of @gymjamfit so every now and then when our time off match then I'll jump in training sessions with them. 

Me: You were involved with the "Something To Shout About" project weren’t you?  What was your role?  

Lisa: STSA was such an incredible thing to be a part of. Honestly it makes me emotional thinking about it. When Jess (@mckeepfit) asked me I couldn't have been more eager to be involved. The whole ethos behind it and the work Jess put in just blows me away. She's one of my most favorite people in the whole wild world and STSA just shows you why. The ladies who signed up were all so up for taking themselves out of their comfort zones so when it came to me taking a boxing bootcamp they were incredible.  We had a proper GIRL POWER day. It was great. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE NEXT ONE.

Me: What does the future hold for you?

Lisa: I've just been invited to work on the Barry Mcguigan stand at the Olympic Park Summer festival. It's open to the public so come say Hello.

Me: Cool!! What advice would you give your teenage self?

Lisa: Don't worry what anyone else thinks about you.... and always "Follow your gut. It knows what your head hasn't figured out yet".

Me: What advice would you give to women reading this?

Lisa: IT'S NEVER TOO LATE to live the life you dream.  I was training as a gymnast from the age of 4 to 8 and then moved onto Athletics - 100m and Relay but then I went to Secondary School and lost interest and went AWOL in my early teens and most of my twenties and didn't fall back in love with fitness until around 27/28... I'm 33 now and I started boxing amatuer at 31.  People laughed in my face, others behind my back saying that I was too old, not good enough, blah blah, just projecting their own insecurities and lack of courage onto me. That's okay. It didn't stop me.  It just made winning even sweeter. I now have a Gold and Silver medal and lots of trophies with hooefully many more to come. With thanks to Repton opening doors I got to represent London at the first ever all female boxing comp winning unanimously and made history by being the first ever female to box for Repton. Proper. Chuffed. IT'S NEVER TOO LATE TO FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS.

Me: Awesome! How can anyone get in touch with you for more information?

Lisa: My email address for any questions: OR if you just wanna have a nose my instagram is @lmoorefitness

Thanks so much for your pearls of wisdom, Lisa!!

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