#ToneTuesday - Post Bank Hol HIIT

Oh what a treat I have for you this week!!  I've come home to Bristol to the 'rent's for the bank holiday and have the pleasure of using their lovely garden again and not getting stared at in public!  Having an assistant was great too.... thanks Mum - you're Officially Fabulous (I get it from my mamma!)

I've realised that I needed to step it up this week in intensity.  Bestival is coming up (if you don't know what I'm doing there read this) and I will needs lots of stamina!  So join me for a blast of HIIT training which will help me with all of my spin classes coming up: short sharp bursts of energy, lots of core and glutes work, lots of shoulder stabilisation and lots of moves in the sagittal plane with a hint of transverse plane

You will do 4 exercises going for as hard and as fast as you can (whilst maintaining great technique) for 20 seconds only and then rest for 10 seconds.  Once those 4 have been done you repeat them, have a slightly longer rest and then do 4 new exercises in the same pattern and repeat those.  So that's only 8 minutes of work - sounds easy! ;) 

I've included the warm up and stretch in the vid... so when you're ready, clear a space and get stuck in.  

Zero equipment needed... except maybe a good sports bra!! 

So here are those exercises (please forgive me if you don't recognise my made-up names for them... it's my blog and I'll call them what I like! Lol!)

  • High Knees
  • Burpees
  • Switches
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Jacks
  • Walk Outs
  • Ab Twists
  • Plank variation with Alternating Knee Raises

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