We've been so blessed with the weather this Summer!  I don't know if you've noticed but the Saturdays of this summer seem to have been the hottest days.  I was so chuffed when I flung open the curtains on Saturday morning and the sunshine came streaming in!  I found myself a nice, secluded spot, shaded by the trees, with just enough light flickering through the leaves to warrant the sun tan lotion I had eagerly applied before I left the house.  

I used the floor and a park bench, so grab a chair and some water and let's go.  

Firstly you must warm up.  I haven't included the warm up in the new video as I'm aiming to make the videos slightly shorter (for quicker uploading purposes- how awkward that the video is 17 mins long even without a warm up! Longest one yet!) so be sure to go through the "Warm Up" video before moving onto the new "Getting Perky in the Park" video.  

I'll know if you cheat!!!  Safety first! 

Alright, well done... keep moving, grab a drink and a chair and enjoy your workout!! 

Awesome work!!!  Hope you enjoyed Tone Tuesday.  Leave a comment below, SHARE IT WITH YOUR FRIENDS and I'll see you next week for more toning - Stay FABULOUS, OFFICIALLY!! xxx