This week I feel the fear and do it anyway as I film at the lovely Horniman Museum, in the beautiful gardens with awesome views on a busy afternoon.  You don't get to see much of the view partly due to choosing a secluded area and also partly due to a van (watch to the end to find out why) but hey, you get to see my face and other body parts!

I was mildly nervous to be doing something in public which I knew would make people stare but like with most things, it wasn't as bad as I had imagined it to be.  I say this so as to encourage others out there who are putting something off because they've thought it would be so uncomfortable they wouldn't be able to bear it.  Remember you are Officially Fabulous and nothing is ever as bad as you think it will be and often is far more enjoyable than you thought.  

As you hear me say in the video, the next day after the filming of this, I really felt it all over.  Zero equipment is needed so either stay at home or get your trainers on, take your iPad down the park and let's get stuck in!

Hope you felt that or got some ideas for your clients or classes.  Please do LEAVE A COMMENT if you liked it or want to request ideas for various body parts!  

Remember... You're #OfficiallyFabulous so feel the fear and be fabulous anyway!