Last week, I Raunched it up with these ladies at the Unity Fitness & Dance Weekender. I will let the video and the ladies who were there do the talking.  Raunch® is part of the School of Strut®.  Sign up to receive a free 10 minute Strutology workout when the school opens later this year. 

What They Thought Of It...

Katrina Millar: "Just did the Rauch workout with the utterly fabulous Zoe McNulty. What a workout, loved every minute of it. Zoe made me feel so comfortable and told me to find my inner diva and to just go for it. She gave me the confidence to just abandon my inhibitions and forget I was a mum of two and I felt like a hot, sexy mamma. Giggled all the way through it, but didn't feel silly. So easy to pick up the routine, can't believe how great we all looked when I watched the video. Forgot I was working out and just embraced the music and the dance. I wanna do it again!"

Jacqui Stanislas: "Raunch is tasteful, it makes me feel sexy, and can release my inner diva, that's why I enjoy Zoe's Raunch classes."

Faye Edwards: I have never done a class where I have felt so exhilarated, sexy and free. As an instructor and someone who has not only been teaching classes but participating in classes for the last ten years, I can honestly say that Raunch was 100% the most enjoyable dance fitness class I have ever done.

Now, I don't only say that because it was a well structured class taught by an instructor that can dance, I say that because I felt the effort that Zoe put into making each participate feel comfortable with their bodies and the movements. She delivers the classes with such passion and engages with each individual and makes every participant feel sexy and fierce, she also delivers the class with so much fun and humour, making everyone feel comfortable. The best way to explain it is like feeling at home with your girls, the one critique I have that was a very important thing that was missing in the class was a bottle of presseco #justsaying

I am sooooo passionate about dance.  I love all forms of dance and feel it's a great way to express yourself and feel free, however I can be a bit stiff, my style is quite hard, for instance through weight training, combat style training and classes I don't find that I have the flow, softness and grace that I would like and can sometimes feel awkward. For these reasons I really enjoyed this class because I could practice my flow, softness and grace and it made me feel great, it has inspired me to keep going and get in touch with my softer side and improve my dance flow.

I would describe Zoe like a can of first we are all stiff, shy, some may even feel self conscious but she spreads her oil and loosens everyone up and by the end of the class everyone is embracing each move, embracing their womanhood, embracing their beautiful bodies, soaking up the great atmosphere giving it their all, legs flying everywhere, spreading their sexiness all over the floor and just loving it!!!!

I think classes like this are extremely important in the fitness industry, there is so much pressure on woman to have this 'perfect' body image and because of this I think many women forget their self worth, have low self esteem and don't feel confident. Some of us woman then decide to sign up to a gym or go to a class but not often made to feel welcome or may feel intimidated by this environment. Classes like Raunch welcome people who may feel this way, it welcomes everybody and no matter what size, shape or if you can move or not you are made to feel wonderful in all that you are.

I challenge anyone to do this class and not leave oozing with confidence and smiling from ear to ear!!

Danielle Hyde: At first I felt my body was awkward doing it but soon realised it was because I wasn't fully relaxing & embracing it, once I did that I felt not only sexy & feminine but also elegant & graceful too. It makes you want to walk tall with a little "wiggle" in your step.

Bertrand Edwards: I love Zoe's routines, so sassy and fierce, full of energy.  She dances so beautifully, doing her routine you feel sexy and very womanly like - you can take on the world!  I loved it!

Click on the link to go to the School of Strut® website to enrol for your free workout when the school opens its doors later this year.  You will be able to find Raunch®, Strutology, Hairpgraphy, Chairlesque, Sexy Street and Burlesque Balls at the School of Strut, available on Amazon, TiVo and new fitness channel Body In Balance TV on Sky 266 from September. 

Thou Shalt Rule the Dance Floor -

Thou Shalt Rule the Dance Floor -