This weekend I have been in the gorgeous, #OfficiallyFabulous Essex countryside at the Crowne Plaza Resort, Colchester for the Unity Fitness & Dance Weekender. (Incidentally, the next UFD weekend is in Wales from 5th-7th February 2016, booking details to follow soon).  I jest that the hotel grounds are my country mansion as we invade the golf course.  My good friends Danielle Hyde and Faye Edwards who are both #OfficiallyFabulous, joined me for the workout and great hilarity rang out, much to the bewilderment and amusement of the hotel guests and golfers.

2015-08-10 00.50.17.png

I asked Faye (who is a machine) to demonstrate the more difficult versions of the exercises in this workout and Danielle shows modified ways to perform the moves whilst still challenging the same muscle groups - and I went for the middle ground.  You decide who you want to follow and leave a comment below telling us how you got on.

But first a bit about my beautiful assistants:

Faye is a well-trained athlete who has competed in physique competitions including  the WBFF European Championships and Hercules Olympia placing 4th in Europe.  She is bad ass!  She inspires her PT clients to set goals and stay dedicated and disciplined via her company F.I.T Academy: Faye's Intense Training (see what she did there?) 

Her dance classes are off the hook with her crazy energy and happy vibe... she can also twerk, in spite of having buns of steel!  Impressive.  Faye teaches all over the City of London; email her at to find out where.

Twerk it!  Faye is Director of  F.I.T. Academy

Twerk it!  Faye is Director of F.I.T. Academy

Danielle decided to get in to teaching Dance Fitness after becoming stuck in a bit of a rut after having her first child. Fed up with feeling unfit, overweight and lacking confidence she took the plunge and joined the local gym near to her work where I just so happened to be on the timetable: she was immediately hooked on my Booiaka® class and qualified to teach it in 2012.  Since then she has added Stiletto, Fight Klub® and more recently RaveFit® to her repertoire, which she teaches in the Loughton & Harlow area.  To find out more email her at

Apart from her love of dance (and boy can this lady dance, she reminds me a lot of me when she dances actually) her main joy is being a mum & whenever she can she also likes to help raise awareness for Autism with which her son, Harry was diagnosed in 2012.

Curves in all the right places! 

Curves in all the right places! 

So now, without further ado, here is this week's #ToneTuesday Vlog!  (There are a couple of bloopers at the end, stay tuned)

Please make sure you consult a doctor before embarking upon any exercise regime, drink plenty of water and if you feel any pain, stop!

Photo credits to Cassius Frankson Photography

It's #ToneTuesday on #OfficiallyFabulousTV. I'm hanging at my crib with Faye & Danielle, working out on the golf course, as you do when you live on a huge country estate! Alright, alright, I was staying in a hotel, a girl can dream, can't she? Hope you like, leave a comment and subscribe to my channel!