Loving my logo and tagline.  It's perfect for me considering the association with high heels and my Stiletto classes.  Looking forward to filming Strutology classes for School of Strut to help women everywhere feel like Beyoncé or Dave from the Money Supermarket adverts! 

For more than a year my website has been down and I've had nowhere to send potential clients to see what it is I do.  It has been a bit of a mind mess trying to figure out what to do, a HUGE learning curve and I can finally say I did it, all by myself with the help of those awesome peeps at Squarespace.com.  Yey me!!  What a great platform, with great templates.  Once you get your head round it, it is easy to use and edit.  I'm super happy with it and now that I can blog my thoughts, ideas, daily dealings, exciting events and launches, I can't wait to get stuck into building a fabulous online presence and reach more people than ever before.  

So watch this space!