Shredding & Maxing.. then Relaxing!

Yes, it is as nasty as it sounds!  Shred Max is an intense fat burning methodology devised by my evil friend Dean Heitman the HIIT-Man!  WARNING: This will get you sweaty!

So this weekend I was at David Lloyd in Heston for Super Saturday 17 and the atmosphere was kickin'!  I went along, prepared with my tripod to film this week's ToneTuesday with Dean and when I mentioned it, everyone wanted to be in it too.  We found the only quiet place there was: the creche and began to turn into over grown children, having a lovely time playing with the toys!  I apologise for our behaviour!  However, the workout, SHRED MAX, which will be available in 2016 from Totally Shredded was pretty vom-inducing.  We advise you do the workout twice through, 3 times this week and next week you will get round 2.

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