8 Minute Full Body Workout

With Champion Fitness Model Nicola Feustel

She may look sweet... but she's got a mean streak, this one! 

Meet Nicola Feustel... Mother of 2, Personal Trainer, Radio Host and Fitness Model!!

Last week I met up with Nicola to work with her as a one-to-one posing client as she was competing in the Pure Elite World Championships, a figure/body building competition... it was kind of a big deal!! 

Nicola came to me for help with confidence in her heels and to add the finishing touches to her posing routine.  She entered 3 different categories and placed 4th (that's awesome) in "Fitness Model Short".  What the judges look for in this category is not only the physique but the posing and confidence and so I feel partly responsible for the victory! Yippee!  I'll post more about Nicola and her competing another day, along with more information on how I can help other competitors in this sport. Watch this space! 

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If you would like to contact Nicola, email me at zoe@zoemcnulty.com and I can hook you up.  

If you want any information on competing in the body building/figure/physique world let me know and I can send you in the right direction.  

I also have 2 Strutology events in December which all women would benefit from.  Find out about them here.

Message me if you need one-to-one help with your confidence in or out of your heels. 

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