What a great time we all had at Fitness Fiesta last weekend.  I always look forward to Camber Sands as everyone is just so "up for it" and this time was no exception!!

I thought you might like to see some videos and photos of what we got up to...

My 'Shufflers' were awesome, they had so much energy (I guess it helped that it was only the second class of the whole weekend).  Considering that they were on carpet, shuffling for a whole hour is no mean feat and I was super proud of them all.

RaveFit had been moved this time into the Lunars Bar (usually in the larger, more open Fun Factory) which gave it a real night club feel and combined with it being on the Friday as opposed to the Saturday, the energy was insane.  The faces I could see were all smiling from ear to ear, non-stop and they nailed the routine, including the "friends" section.  Everyone loves a Love Hug!

What can I say?  FIERCE!!  We had a right giggle in Strutology but not only that, we totally released our inner divas!  Quite a few brought their heels and props to them, they rocked the routine!

I have to apologise to those who we couldn't let in, there were simply too many ladies who wanted to Twerk, the queue went out of the room and down the corridor - some decided to follow the class from the corridor.  Everyone thoroughly threw themselves into it, even the slightly embarrassing parts! The "upside down wall twerk" was done exceptionally well!!  #Proud

I've limited these photos to the best and most entertaining... there were many many more!!!  Oh how we love a photoshoot - Helen Pybus is always encouraging the "Screw Face" (a wink and a pout at the same time, a la Katie Price... sadly non of us can pull it off quite like she can), the "Faint" and the "Despair"... and then we roll about laughing at just how far off the mark we all are!   

If you saw ToneTuesday this week you'll see we went to the beach, it was so much fun... if you missed it HERE IT IS!

On Saturday night the theme was "Films".  My standard Pink ladies jacket came out but as soon as I found Jo Cooper's discarded minion hat and goggles, I switched character... I think it suited me perfectly!