Oh. My. Goodness.





in one day!!


On Friday I filmed a 15 min dance class in heels.  
On Saturday I edited it.
On Sunday I posted a 15 second clip on Instagram with a reasonably lengthy message.  The message was longer than I had anticipated but it just materialised; flowed from my fingertips with fluidity!  It proved to be quite popular on IG...
But then I posted it on Facebook and it pretty much went viral!

Safe to say I think I just might be onto something here!! The comments were hugely encouraging and humbling! Words are powerful and every single one of those comments have really touched me and spurred me on to move forward with what I have been planning. Out of all of the comments (with the power to really give me a right big head to be honest) this one stood out...

To be told by the lovely Janique, who has recently survived cancer that I'm an inspiration made me try to put it in perspective- I protested and said that I'm not worthy to be called an inspiration when there are women like her around who has been through so much with a smile on her beautiful face. She said that I had been a part of her journey, that she watches my videos religiously and called me an angel. There were tears at this point!! 

This was the 15 second clip, completely unedited, of the 15 minute workout which I'll be releasing shortly:

If you have anything you would like me to help with, use the hashtag #ineedhelpwith... and then within the realms of self confidence I will do my best to include it in the programme.  

In the mean time I am also working on some other products which I will let you know about in due course.  Looking forward to sharing those with you when they're ready.

Stay Fabulous: Officially